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All archers at the 1st Easter Hunt at Archery Park
Archery Club

Our mission: To grow the sport of traditional archery in Nelson and New Zealand

Markus and others that are involved with Archery Park have been practising traditional archery for many years, a love for the most simple form of archery brought them together. The sport is growing and growing in Europe but it’s still a small niche here in New Zealand. And Nelson is a small city and sustaining a full size 3D archery range for traditional archery is very costly. Despite the proven benefits to the community, a 3D archery range is not the first thing that receives funding by the government – we needed a different plan.

Archery Park is a Social Business

So the idea of Archery Park was born: We sell archery adventures, guided by qualified and experienced archers. We use the money to fund the 3D archery range and staff and offer a club structure that allows people to enjoy the sport regularly at an affordable rate. We also put a lot of effort into the development of the sport in Nelson and New Zealand, and with our Robin Hood Scheme we make it accessible to people that couldn’t otherwise pay for it.

Archery Park is a Social Business, this means we’re a for profit organisation that has a social cause at heart – in our case it is to grow the sport and to make sure it is affordable to families and people that will benefit from an outdoor and nature experience. Getting a kid outside can be hard, but for us it’s easy: we just let them know that we will shoot bow and arrow while we go for a walk.

We also host regular tournaments for experienced archers. While it’s not open yet, we are working hard to establish a local traditional archery club with an option for self guided access to our 3D range and affordable rates for club members. Read more here Archery Park Archery Club.


Traditional archery is an environmental friendly sport. We re-use our ammunition, make a lot of things ourselves and can repair most broken kit. We print our flyers and brochures only on recycled paper. We love nature and the New Zealand wildlife, so we wanted to do our part for conservation from day one. Read all about our conservation efforts in our detailed blog post here.

Environmental Friendly logo with archery arrow
Markus Erdmann Longbow archer
Markus, doing what he likes best
Shooting in Austria, 70m distance to the target – a life size brown bear.

The man behind Archery Park

Hi, I’m Markus and I discovered my passion for traditional archery many years ago. It all started with a bow-making course and with my self-made, wooden bow I quickly became a good shot. I met many other traditional archers from all over the world during various tournaments and I continuously build more bows and arrows and train regularly.

I practise instinctive archery, where you focus on the target, willing the arrow into the spot you want to hit. I scored 2nd place in my division in the 2018 NZFAA Bowhunter Nationals. And a bit earlier I scored 3rd place on a North Island tournament (read more here). Ranking 10th place in a tournament with 300 participants was probably my best result using a wooden self-made bow, which is an extra challenge. As a people person, passionate and experienced in traditional archery, I became a moderator for one of the biggest European archery internet forums.

I joined a nearby small archery club, with a small 3D archery range. We were only 10 people to start with, but quickly build it up to a big club and hosted several annual tournaments.

I planned and hosted several 3D archery tournaments and designed 3D courses for traditional archery. In 2009 I was a team member of the Neubrunn 111, Germany’s biggest 3D archery tournament with 111 targets to be shot in 12 hours on a 12km trail. The tournament was part of a one-week archery camp, setup to meet other archers from all over the world.
I provided bow making courses during school holidays to small groups and ran several events for schools. In Nelson I ran a regular archery practice session on the Saxon Sports ground back in 2012. For various reasons I had to put that on hold. But the dream of building a 3D archery range in Nelson has never stopped.

Archery Park is the fulfillment of my dream. A place where people can enjoy the sport of traditional archery, a place where families can spend a day outside, a place where the mind is at ease with itself and reconnects with nature.

I’m a member of New Zealand Field Archery Association, the Traditional Archery Society and the New Zealand Bowhunter Society (although I don’t hunt I enjoy supporting them and their tournaments). I’m a certified NZFAA Community Archery Coach and I teach archery according to the International Field Archery Association standards. When I started I was trained by Andreas Gaertner, the German Field Archery Champion, Indoor Champion and 3D Champion of 2008.

There is still a lot of work to do. Come and join me on my mission to turn Nelson into the first New Zealand “Archery Village”. I will provide all my passion and knowledge to this goal.