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Draw – Aim – Shoot – Win!

Archery Battle is a competitive, fun and fast archery action game that puts all your skills to the test. Think of Archery Battle as a cross between Dodge Ball, Paintball and Archery. It’s great for teams and groups.

  • Experience bursts of adrenaline and pure joy
  • Fast, fun and full of action
  • Learn a new skill
  • No messy paint and less pain than Paintball
  • You will want to come back for more

Archery Battle is Archery Parks take on the popular game of Combat Archery. Varieties exist under the brands Archery Tag, Archery Attack, Dodge Bow and others.

If you have any questions give us a call at 03-398 8043 or contact us here.

Sessions are private and by arrangement only – bookings are essential!

Watch the Archery Battle Video

Just sit back and get drawn into Archery Battle by our demo video.

Archery Battle players ready for action

How is Archery Battle played?

Archery Battle is a team sport played in two teams against each other with up to 12 players in total. The field  size is 10m*25m. Each team has their own half of 10m * 10m and defends their players and their target against the opponent team. Separating the teams is a 5m wide no-mans land. 40 arrows are in the game and are shot back and forth between the teams, there is absolutely no arrow shortage even with 12 players.

You win by either eliminating all players of the other team or by shooting out all disks of the target of the other team first.

We let you play as many rounds as you can fit in 1 1/2 hours.

Archery Battle is not setup with bunkers to take cover behind as we found the game mode to slow to be really exciting.

But our field setup is larger than other similar archery game setups, to give you the space to jump, run, duck and roll in order to avoid being hit by arrows! This also fosters more team play, as you need to protect your best archer who will start working away on your opponents target.

An introduction into archery will be provided by our Master Archer, and you get the time to work on your skills before you go on the battle field. No experience in archery is required.

Two game modes for Archery Battle

1) Kiwi Backyard Archery Battle

Near unlimited fun! If you’re hit by an arrow, you need to run as fast as you can to a reset point and then join your team again. This is for the fit ones and the game mode we like the best. It was developed on an uphill field and a few beers might have been involved. You win a match by shooting all disks out of the other teams target. After a quick reset the game continues with the next match.

2) Classic Mode Archery Battle

If you’re hit by an arrow you leave the field until one of your team mates shoots out a disk of the other teams target or catches an arrow mid air. You win a match by either shooting all disks out of the other teams target or by having eliminated all players of the other team. After a quick reset the game continues with the next match.

If you have any questions give us a call at 03-398 8043 or contact us here.

Sessions are private and by arrangement only – bookings are essential!

Archery Battle special pop-out target
Shoot out all disks to win
Archery Park Nelson Archery Battle Gear
Archery Battle bows, arrows and safety masks

Play with the Very Best Archery Gear

Archery Park teaches professional traditional archery as a sport. We take archery very serious and teach people the proper stuff. We asked ourselves how we could fit in Archery Battle with our objectives.

Our bows

We searched long and hard for the right bows. Bows used for Archery Battle need to be super strong. They need to withstand being at full draw and being hit by an arrow when they are under the most stress. We found a great supplier who has been manufacturing this type of bows for a number of brands and bought them for us. At roughly 25 lbs they pack a nice punch and can be drawn by everybody.

Our arrows

We then looked for the very best arrows and set us two objectives:

1. the arrows needed to be extra safe!

2. the arrows needed to be extra accurate!

If we shoot with our archery gear, we must be able to hit bulls eye reliably at 25m – the maximum field and usual bow hunting distance. We found our arrows in Germany, extra precise and extra safe. Each arrow is insured for $5million by the manufacturer, they fly straight for 50m and we hit bulls eye with them every single time (well nearly every time, we have bad days, too).

A warning if you play with cheap arrows:

Cheap safety arrows can break into sharp pieces and the thin arrow shaft can pierce through the foam head. Both is known to cause serious injuries! All our arrows have an impact distributing plate inside the foam head which stops the shaft from piercing through the foam head. In addition our shaft material, which already is extremely hard to break, will never break into sharp pieces but will resemble a soft brush.

Further Safety

We equip every archer with a paint ball mask that must be worn at all times while on the field, this is to add an extra layer of safety for your face. We also equip everyone with an armguard to reduce the impact of any string slap.

Our risk and safety management procedure for Archery Battle was extremely well received by our insurance companies independent review.

If you have any questions give us a call at 03-398 8043 or contact us here.

Sessions are private and by arrangement only – bookings are essential!

The details of Archery Battle


Costs per player are $30.00.

We have a minimum of 8 (4 vs. 4) and a maximum of 12 players (6 vs. 6) per game.

We let you play as many matches as you can fit in a 1 1/2 hours game. There are no hidden costs and you don’t have to buy extra arrows as you will never run out – you just shoot them back.

More than 12 players:

If you like to play with more than 12 players we can form more than two teams to play a tournament. We will extend game time by 30mins for each extra team. Please get in touch first if you like that option.


1. You come to Archery Park

Have a game of Archery Battle at our beautiful location on the Cable Bay Adventure Park on 194 Cable Bay Road, Nelson. It’s only a 15mins drive from the city centre, Enjoy drinks and food from the cafe afterwards.

2. We come to you

Archery Battle can be played anywhere as long as we can find a safe spot for our field (10m * 25m, plus some space to sit, stand and talk for the non-players). We have the Ok to play in most Council parks and can book them for you, but need to check availability first. If it’s another location we like to ask you to get landowner permission. Depending on your location some travel costs may apply.

Who can play

The minimum age for Archery Battle is 12 years. We will require guardian supervision and a waiver signed by parents for underage players.

A minimum level of fitness is required as you will need to draw a bow again and again and will be moving on the field in order to avoid being hit by arrows.

What to bring and wear

Archery Battle is an active game. Just wear clothes you would normally wear while doing sports and you will be fine. Some good trainers will be helpful for better traction on the grass. Jewelry and piercings should be removed or covered. You should consider bringing a water bottle.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s reception of pain is different. In our own experience it feels a bit like being hit by a tennis ball thrown at medium speed. People tell us that they’re surprised by how little they feel the arrow, just enough to know you need to go off the field. It’s definitely a much nicer experience than being hit by a paintball bullet.

Bad Weather

If the forecast is for severe rain we may cancel games and issue a full refund. We can play in light drizzle as long as you’re up for it. But note that wet grass is more slippery than dry grass and we don’t take any responsibility for sport injuries caused by slipping or tripping.

Is it safe?

Combat Archery, and therefore Archery Battle, has a low risk profile. We equip every player with a paintball mask to avoid injuries to the face and provide an armguard to prevent string slap. Our safety arrows are world class and our equipment is well tuned and checked before and after each booking. We will give a health and safety briefing before the game starts and will provide basic archery instructions. This will make for a safe game but some risks remain.

While we take due care to make Archery Battle safe, we don’t take liability if game rules are not followed by players and masks are removed during the game. There is a risk of normal sport injuries as they may happen in any other team sport like football, netball, volleyball etc. of which you must be aware and accept the likes of. There is a small risk that you may fall on to your or someone else’s bow, that you may get hit by an arrow shaft, broken arrow or the arrow nock causing an injury. By playing Archery Battle you do accept those risks as yours. Our staff have a valid 1st Aid certification and a 1st aid kit on site, but we intend to never needing it.

If you have any questions give us a call at 03-398 8043 or contact us here.

Sessions are private and by arrangement only – bookings are essential!

Archery Battle arrow collection at Archery Park Nelson
Archery Battle players grabbing arrows from no-mans land at match start